Futures Trading for Beginners

Master trading skills, Get Funded and become Your Own boss!

Step-by-step instructions from setting up the platform to get funding (for Beginners)
Trading with sound alerts: mind your own business and open the platform window only when there are opportunities.
Without dull theory and useless information. Only practice
Anti-stress method: simple entry points
€ 211
Futures trading for beginners eBook
Master the profession of the future
(as a part-time job or main activity)
Discover opportunities to work from anywhere in the world
(all you need is a computer with a platform program and internet access)
Become your own boss
 (your success depends only on you)

What's inside

Recommendations on trading, psychology and risk management
30% discount on the evaluation programs (to get funded)
Step-by-step configuration of the ATAS platform
Simple and effective trading tactic for the most popular instrument - ES (E-mini S&P 500)
Instructions for connecting a demo account (for testing strategies) and getting live futures trading data for ATAS (FREE)
An example of the tactics in action
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What traders said

Trading isn't my main activity yet. I spent only a couple of hours on it a day. Accordingly, there is no time to understand complex strategies and study the theory. I liked the trading style of JSI. I see the results of trade almost immediately on such volatile instruments as NQ. It is quite enough for me to make 1-2 trades in the evening after work. And I could spend the rest of the time with my family. Thanks! That's what I was looking for.

Jeffrey Reid

I liked how information is presented in this e-book. There is no just theory or irrelevant information. I`ve never believed that I could get this information for this price. I saw before the courses of “traders” which cost 1500-2000$, and there was information which I can find on the internet for free. P.S. In the first trade, this e-book was paid off.

Kenneth Johnson

I have used these tactics in trading for almost 1,5 months. Yes, not all entries “worked”, and it's impossible in trading. I have a great result for me: 7 profitable trades from 10. I need to work on my discipline and have more practice in the accuracy of opening positions. And I'll increase my result to 9/10. Thank you!

Keith Burns

I`ve searched for the book with practical info, and I found it! It's one of the honest authors I've met who doesn't try just to sell his book and promise millions of profit, but gives real tactics which help to have stable and profitable trading.

Michael Simmons

This course is not for you, if:

You want to get deep theoretical knowledge (There are only practical methods.)
You are a gambling man (In this case, I don't recommend you to begin)
You search for a magic pill for gain, and you aren't ready to develop yourself (The strategy is the instrument which is managed by you)


What instrument is used to demonstrate the strategy?

The strategy is demonstrated on ES futures. When you understand the logic of indicator` settings, you could select settings and for other instruments.

Are there any special software requirements?

Yes, you will need the ATAS platform, that allows you to track the orders of big players (there will be a step-by-step setup in the e-book).

What style do you trade in?

I trade and teach scalping-style trading, because it is much easier to predict small price movements (6-8 ticks). If you can predict at least 8 ticks, you can scale by increasing the number of traded contracts.

Who is this course suitable for?

- For those who want to master the basics of a new online profession (and become their own boss);
- For novice traders (who need simple instructions and a system to start);
- For traders who want to replenish their arsenal of tactics with a new strategy (If you want to learn additional tactics, pay attention to these Tactics.)

About the author

-  Author of YouTube channel JustScalpIt
- Author of books "Order Flow Patterns: New Opportunities" , "Biohacking For Traders: the Ultimate Transformation Plan"
- Author of Unique Order Flow Indicators
- Tests and optimizes order flow trading systems
- Instruments - ES, CL, GC
- Style of trading - Scalping
- Start trading in 2016 year


Practicing Trader, Entrepreneur

Question? justscalpit@gmail.com

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