NQ Scalping Mastery 

Insights Into Scalping The NQ Futures Market

Nq scalping mastery (1)
No Fluff: Straight-to-the-point content, focusing on actionable NQ scalping insights.
Low-Risk Entries (Avg 10-15 Tick Stops) & Precise Trade Triggers
Practical Knowledge: Learn tactics grounded in real-world trading scenarios.
Automatic Tactic Detection Indicator for ATAS Platform

Who This Product Isn't For

For those seeking a holy grail system, buy/sell signals or a magic pill for instant wealth. This guide does not offer promises of guaranteed profits or effortless results. (Anyone making such claims in the trading world is simply lying.)

For complete beginners to trading. The material is tailored for traders with a foundational understanding of the markets. (If you're an absolute novice, it's advised to first get acquainted with the basics before attempting to grasp the concepts covered here.)

For those looking for an extensive theoretical course on trading. This guide cuts straight to the tactics without superfluous theory or fluff. (It's laser-focused on actionable, practical content.)

Tactic Showcase

✓ Explore the NQ scalping tactic through detailed video backtest.
✓ The video, covering April 2024, transparently displays potential entry points and strategies. Review the material to determine if the tactic align with your trading approach.
✓ As traders, you must understand that trading outcomes can vary. While past performance isn't indicative of future results, the video offer a transparent view of all trades, aiding your decision-making process.
Nq scalping mastery (1)
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Digital Copy of the eBook with tactical description and trade examples

Indicator for Automatic Signal Detection (ATAS platform) - Lifetime access

Real-time Alerts: Get tactic signals on your charts in real-time, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

Ready-to-Use ATAS Templates

Free Updates and New Templates

✓ Available in English, German, and Spanish

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How will I receive the product?

You will receive all the files via email to the address used for purchase within 24 hours.

What exactly is included?

The levels shown in the video look powerful!  Will I definitely see them on my platform?

Before purchasing, you can contact us and request a record of the indicator levels for a recent period. We'll be happy to provide you with this information so that you can verify the indicator's effectiveness before making a decision to buy.

Is there a trial version?

Due to the proprietary intellectual property involved in formulating these strategies after considerable testing, a trial version is not available.
However, I'm happy to address any pre-purchase queries to ensure transparency and facilitate an informed decision.

What is the win rate?

The win rate can vary based on factors like market conditions and trader's discipline. I've included a videos showcasing signals from tactics over a 30-day period for a clearer understanding.

Which instruments are these tactics suitable for?

These tactics were primarily developed and tested on the NQ(E-mini nasdaq Futures).

Refund Policy

Given the digital nature of the content and inclusion of proprietary indicators, all sales are final. We don't offer refunds.

What tactics are based on?

Delta-Driven Price Inflections, Smart Money Movements, Trapped Liquidity Dynamics

Uniqueness of Tactics

The tactics haven't been discussed in any of my previous products or content.

Platform Compatibility

Current version of indicators for the ATAS (➜ free download)

Question? justscalpit@gmail.com

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