Gap Trading indicator for ATAS platform

Gap Levels Indicator for ATAS platform
Gap Levels Toolkit: Quick Review
Identifies Gaps of ANY size
Delta and volume filter of clusters between gap
Works on any market
Installation Instructions
Sound alerts


This indicator Identifies Gaps of Any size. Using the additional delta and volume filter of clusters between gaps, by combining different unique timeframes of the ATAS platform, you can find strong price levels that often become support/resistance.

ATAS Platform

Check out this page for more information on getting started. You can download it completely free.

Gap Levels Is Now A Part Of The Cluster Levels Indicator

The Gap Levels indicator is now included as part of the Cluster Levels indicator! When you purchase a Cluster Level license, you will also receive the benefits of the Gap Levels indicator

The GAP levels indicator finds gaps on Any timeframe

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide ready-made templates for your indicators for immediate successful trading?
Our indicators are designed for those who aim to deeply understand the market and develop their own unique trading strategies. While you will find videos with usage examples included with the indicators, there are no 'magic' settings that guarantee success. 

The effectiveness of the indicators is maximized when you personally adjust them to your unique trading style, timeframes, and instruments. 
Will these indicators work for me?
If you're on the hunt for a 'holy grail,' automatic 'trading signals,' or a pre-established trading strategy, then these indicators might not align with your expectations.

However, if you are open to exploring advanced functionalities to enhance or create your trading strategy, then yes, they could potentially be a valuable resource for you.

Read the description of the indicators, watch many videos in the public domain to make a decision, and if you have any additional questions before purchasing, do not hesitate to contact us.
I am a beginner trader; are your indicators suitable for me?
While these indicators are designed with a focus on catering to experienced traders, beginner traders eager to learn and adapt could also find them beneficial. It is always recommended to familiarize yourself with the trading world before using advanced tools.
What type of trading are the indicators suitable for?
For day trading and scalping.
Do you offer discounts when ordering multiple indicators?
We offer subscription options for 1, 12 months and lifetime, with the discounts increasing for longer subscription periods. This way, you can choose a package that best suits your trading style and budget, while benefiting from substantial savings with longer-term subscriptions.
When will my license be activated after purchase?
Your license will be activated within 24 hours of purchase and linked to your ATAS login email.


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