Design Your Custom ATAS Indicator 

Don't just be another trader in the crowd.. 
Stand out and take the lead with custom indicators tailored just for you.
Simplify Your Trading
Precision-Engineered for ATAS Traders
Redefine Your Analysis with Custom Indicators
Turn your unique trading ideas into actionable strategies.

Why Choose JSI ATAS Indicator Development?

Expertise in ATAS Platform: Specialized in developing indicators specifically for the ATAS platform, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.
Focus on Order Flow & Footprint: Deep knowledge in order flow dynamics and footprint charting, resulting in indicators that capture market nuances.
Customized for Your Strategy: Not just about designing indicators, but tailoring them to fit your precise trading needs and vision.
Proven Track Record: Trust in expertise backed by years of experience, delivering quality and innovation in every project.


    How long does the development process usually take?

    The development timeframe varies based on the complexity of the desired indicator. Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, we can provide a more accurate estimate.

    Can I update or modify my indicator after it's been developed?

    Absolutely. If you wish to add features or make changes, just get in touch, and we'll discuss the modifications.

    Will the custom indicator be compatible with all versions of the ATAS platform?

    Our primary focus is ensuring compatibility with the latest version of ATAS. However, if you're using an older version or have specific requirements, please let us know.

    How is the pricing determined for the development?

    Pricing is based on the complexity and specific features of the desired indicator. Once we review your requirements, we can provide a detailed quote.

    How do I install the custom indicator on my ATAS platform?

    Once the development is complete, we'll provide you with detailed installation instructions. Should you encounter any issues, our support is here to assist.

    What kind of indicator development do you specialize in?

    Currently, our primary focus is on Footprint indicators, utilizing any of its parameters to tailor the tool to your specific needs.


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