Cluster Constructor Order Flow Indicator

Unlock Full Trading Potential with 16 Expert Footprint Analysis Tools:

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Cluster Constructor Indicator for ATAS platform
Cluster Constructor Toolkit: Quick Review
"Double max volume Clusters" filter
"DeltaMaxVolume Cluster" filter
"Same Volume Delta" filter
"Zero volume clusters" filter
"Zero delta clusters" filter
"Near Delta filter 2"
"Dba (bid ask)" filter
"DeltaCandle" filter
"Two identical delta" filter
"Two identical Volume" filter
"Three identical clusters" filter
"Volume", "Maximum Volume", "Candle Body Volume", "Bar Direction", "CandleHeight" filters
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What is unique about the ultimate footprint analysis suite with 16 dynamic filters?

✔ The only tool on the market with such capabilities.
✔ Thanks to the combination of filters, you can uncover patterns hidden from the majority. For instance, you can find candles that feature double identical volumes, appear only in bullish candles, have a delta of -300, are situated within the shadow of a candle, and exhibit a candle length of 14 with a body length of 3.
✔ This opens up massive opportunities for discovering little-known patterns and identifying large market participants' actions.


This indicator, grounded in order flow analysis, enables the combination of 16 filters (including identical bids and asks, double identical volumes, zero deltas and volumes, delta anywhere in the candle, and many other elements) or their individual usage to craft your unique patterns and trace the activities of significant market players. It's not just an indicator - it's a tool that transforms the game, allowing you to identify and track the footprints of big market players.

Experience a cutting-edge solution capable of identifying any combination of DELTA, VOLUME, ASK, and BID across any timeframe and instrument. This unparalleled flexibility and precision empower you to adjust your trading strategies to align with your unique style and prevailing market conditions.

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Order Flow Analysis Revolution: Discover 16 Unique Filters in One Suite

Unlock Twin Peak Potentials

Explore the "DOUBLE MAX VOLUME CLUSTERS" FILTER, a tool for identifying candles with two clusters of identical maximum volumes.

(In the latest version, we've also introduced a filter for locating three maximum volumes.)

The features of this tool are as follows:

  • Volume Specification: Define volume thresholds to highlight key market movements.
  • Shadow Analysis: Analyze entire candles or focus on shadows for deeper market insights.
  • Cluster Proximity: Customize your search to include all, adjacent, or isolated clusters for a flexible analysis approach.

Maximize Delta Volume Strategies

Enhance your market strategy with the "DELTA MAX VOLUME CLUSTER" FILTER, a tool designed for precise market analysis.

It allows you to:

  • Delta Ranges: Define specific positive and negative delta ranges for precise market data filtering.
  • Volume Filtering: Apply minimum and maximum volume filters to fine-tune your search criteria.
  • Granular Control: Opt for analysis on individual or entire candles, offering a comprehensive market perspective.

Harmonize Volume & Delta

Refine your trading strategy with the "SAME VOLUME DELTA" FILTER, designed to identify candles where delta equals volume.

The features of this tool are:

  • Volume & Delta Alignment: Adjust filters to pinpoint notable volume and delta correlations in candles.
  • Precision Analysis: Employ this tool for synchronized market dynamics analysis.

Spot Zero-Volume Clusters

Begin your analytical exploration with the "ZERO VOLUME CLUSTERS" FILTER, crafted to identify candles with zero volume clusters for in-depth market analysis.

Here are its features:

  • Customizable Cluster Count: Set the minimum filter to focus on specific zero-volume clusters in a candle.

Discover Zero Delta Clusters

Discover the capabilities of the "ZERO DELTA CLUSTERS" FILTER. This innovative tool aids you in identifying candles with one or several clusters exhibiting zero delta.

The key features include:

  • Maximum Volume Equalization: Identify clusters with zero maximum volume, enhancing your foresight into potential market shifts.
  • Targeted Search: Narrow down your analysis to specific candles, revealing subtle market behaviors.
  • Adaptable Cluster Filter: Adjust the minimum filter settings for zero delta clusters, facilitating a versatile and focused market analysis.
  • Proximity Cluster Detection: Leverage the feature to locate adjacent zero delta clusters, providing a glimpse into possible market consolidations.

Master Near Clusters Dynamics

Enhance your trading approach with the "NEAR DELTA FILTER 2". This advanced tool helps you pinpoint candles featuring five adjacent clusters, where you can set distinct parameters for volume, delta, bid, or ask, fostering a more profound market analysis and a competitive edge in trading.

Key features of this tool include:

  • Delta Type Variability: Select from various delta types - positive, negative, or either, to seamlessly integrate with your trading tactics.
  • Detailed Cluster Analysis: Determine the minimum and maximum values for delta, volume, bid, and ask across the five adjacent clusters, enabling a meticulous analytical approach.

Amplify Your Analysis with Bid/Ask Insights

Transform your trading tactics with the "DBA (BID ASK)" FILTER. This robust tool aids in detecting candles with matching bid or ask values, amplifying your market foresight and enabling more strategic decisions.

The prominent features of this tool are:

  • Cluster Detection: Identify two or three clusters with the same bid or ask values, providing a detailed view of market fluctuations.
  • Volume Parity: Use settings to pinpoint clusters equal to the candle's peak volume, unveiling distinct trading prospects.
  • Adjustable Difference Parameter: Set a variable gap between bid and ask values to expand your search scope, including both identical and nearly identical values.

Unlock Precision: Identifying Candles with Matched Delta Values

Enhance your market scrutiny by integrating the "TWO IDENTICAL DELTA" FILTER into your trading toolkit. This sophisticated tool assists traders in detecting candles with two clusters showcasing identical delta values, either throughout the entire candle or within the shadows.

It stands as a dynamic asset in swiftly pinpointing unique market patterns, refining your trading approaches.

The notable features of this filter include:

  • Diverse Search Alternatives: Focus on the entire candle or specifically within the shadows to accurately identify matching positive or negative delta values.
  • Flexible Filter Settings: Modify the minimum filter parameters to reveal clusters with matching positive or negative delta values, catering precisely to your strategic requirements.

Unearth Hidden Opportunities: Identical Volume

Boost your market analysis with the "TWO IDENTICAL VOLUME" FILTER. Tailored for traders, this tool facilitates the recognition of candles containing two clusters with matching volume values, be it across the entire span of the candle or confined to the shadows.

This filter guarantees unmatched precision in volume-centric candlestick analysis.

The primary features of this tool are:

  • Adaptable Search: Opt to scrutinize the whole candle or its shadows exclusively, allowing concentration on segments vital to your strategy.
  • Personalized Volume Limits: Establish both lower and upper volume filters, securing the identification of candles that align with your particular criteria.

Harnessing the Power of Triple Cluster Synchronization

Upgrade your trading strategies with the "THREE IDENTICAL CLUSTERS" FILTER. This powerful tool allows you to identify candles featuring three identical clusters based on volume, delta, or a combination of both, paving the way for a detailed market assessment.

The key features of this tool include:

  • Versatile Analysis: Select from options focusing on volume only, delta only, or a blend of both (volume=delta) to pinpoint the precise market patterns you're targeting.
  • Localized Search: Choose to explore within adjacent clusters, enabling a thorough scrutiny of localized patterns and developments.
  • Adjustable Parameters: Set up minimum value thresholds, refining your search to meet your strategic goals.

Full Control over Delta Dynamics

Dive into pinpoint market analysis with the "DELTACANDLE" FILTER. This tool enables you to accentuate candles on the chart that align with defined parameters, fine-tuning your strategy for both negative and positive delta patterns in various sections of the candle.

Key features of this tool include:

  • Body Delta Parameters: Establish the boundaries for delta values within the candle's body, centralizing your analysis on potential trading avenues.
  • Shadow Delta Exploration: Adjust the delta value range in the candle's shadow, aiding in a more precise grasp of market trends.
  • Extensive Delta Analysis: Set up the minimum and maximum delta values throughout the entire candle, granting a wider view of market shifts.

Identifying Candles with Dual Delta Clusters

Advance your market analysis by integrating the "TWO IDENTICAL DELTA" FILTER into your trading arsenal. This innovative tool aids traders in pinpointing candles with two clusters that exhibit identical delta values, either encompassing the entire candle or within the shadows. It's a versatile tool crafted to fine-tune your trading strategies by quickly identifying distinctive market patterns. Key features of this tool include:

  • Expansive Search Capabilities: Whether analyzing the full candle or focusing solely on the shadows, accurately identify matching positive or negative delta values.
  • Adjustable Filters: Modify the minimum filter parameters to reveal clusters with matching positive or negative delta values, perfectly aligning with your strategic objectives.

Real Talk: Trader Reviews

  • In a landscape saturated with misinformation and false promises, these unique filters emerge as a beacon of transparency and effectiveness. 

    They offer logical and data-driven extensions to the ATAS platform, broadening trading opportunities and facilitating consistent results. It's evident that a great deal of expertise and experience has been poured into the development of these tools.

     Highly recommend for traders looking to elevate their craft with the ATAS platform! 

  • Hallo
    Möchte hier meinen Erfahrungsbericht mit den Indikator von Just Scalp it teilen.
    Habe eine Testversion gekauft für ein paar Tage ,dann hatte ich einen groben über blick des Indikators bekommen.

    Man kann mit verschiedenen Zeiteinheiten und verschiedene Ranges/Reverse Charts Unterstützung und Widerstände sich anzeigen lassen. In der Chartechnik sind Unterstützungslinien / Unterstützungszonen wichtig weil er an dieser Marke wahrscheinlich abprallen kann.

    Dadurch sind Handelsentscheidungen leichter zu treffen, weil auch Unterstützung kann zum Widerstand werden.

    Nach einer Woche habe ich mich für eine Live Lizenz Entschieden zu kaufen und bereue diese Entscheidung nicht. Nach den Kauf zeigte mir Alex noch mehrere Möglichkeiten es zu nutzen, updates hat es schon gegeben und hoffe das der Indikator weiter entwickelt wird.
    LIebe Grüße

  • Alright, so here's the deal: I was pretty much glued to NT for a long time. But man, when I saw what the Cluster Constructor and Cluster Levels indicators could do on the ATAS platform, I knew I had to give it a go.

     I've got to say, I don't regret it one bit! These tools have seriously upped my game; it's like seeing the market with a new set of eyes. 

    Switching to ATAS was a no-brainer, and to be honest, I wish I'd done it sooner. If you're thinking about it, just go for it - you won't look back!

  • It's one of the most honest creators I've come across.
    He doesn't merely try to sell his indicators or promise millions in profits, but shares his unique developments which help to facilitate stable and profitable trading day after day.

    Michael Simmons.
  • Trading isn't my primary activity as of now. I can only dedicate a couple of hours to it each day. Consequently, I don't have the time to delve into complex strategies and indicators.

    The trading style of JSI really appeals to me. I can see the results of my trades almost immediately, especially when dealing with volatile instruments like the NQ.

    It's sufficiently fulfilling for me to make 1-2 trades in the evening after work, allowing me to spend the rest of the time with my family.

    Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide ready-made templates for your indicators for immediate successful trading?
Our indicators are designed for those who aim to deeply understand the market and develop their own unique trading strategies. While you will find videos with usage examples included with the indicators, there are no 'magic' settings that guarantee success. 

The effectiveness of the indicators is maximized when you personally adjust them to your unique trading style, timeframes, and instruments. 
Will these indicators work for me?
If you're on the hunt for a 'holy grail,' automatic 'trading signals,' or a pre-established trading strategy, then these indicators might not align with your expectations.

However, if you are open to exploring advanced functionalities to enhance or create your trading strategy, then yes, they could potentially be a valuable resource for you.

Read the description of the indicators, watch many videos in the public domain to make a decision, and if you have any additional questions before purchasing, do not hesitate to contact us.
I am a beginner trader; are your indicators suitable for me?
While these indicators are designed with a focus on catering to experienced traders, beginner traders eager to learn and adapt could also find them beneficial. It is always recommended to familiarize yourself with the trading world before using advanced tools.
What type of trading are the indicators suitable for?
For day trading and scalping.
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We offer subscription options for 1, 12 months and lifetime, with the discounts increasing for longer subscription periods. This way, you can choose a package that best suits your trading style and budget, while benefiting from substantial savings with longer-term subscriptions.
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