Delta Trading Flow Scalping Mastery

Insights Into Scalping: Practical Tactics From Trading Experience

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No Fluff: Straight-to-the-point content
Automatic Tactic Detection Indicator for ATAS Platform

Who This Product Isn't For

For those seeking a holy grail system, buy/sell signals or a magic pill for instant wealth. This guide does not offer promises of guaranteed profits or results. (Anyone making such claims in the trading world is simply lying.)

For complete beginners to trading. The material is tailored for traders with a foundational understanding of the markets. (If you're an absolute novice, it's advised to first get acquainted with the basics before attempting to grasp the concepts covered here.)

For those looking for an extensive theoretical course on trading. This guide cuts straight to the tactics without superfluous theory or fluff. (It's laser-focused on actionable, practical content.)

Tactic Showcase

Explore the tactic through detailed videos covering different periods.
- Review the material to determine if these tactics align with your trading approach. 
- As traders, you must understand that trading outcomes can vary. While past performance isn't indicative of future results, these videos offer a transparent view of all trades, profitable or not, aiding your decision-making process

Tactic 1

Tactic 2

Tactic 3

Tactics Based on:

✦ Signs of Delta Accumulation Cycles
✦ Cumulative Delta and Divergence
✦ Potential Liquidity Absorption Footprints
✦ Indications of Trapped Liquidity Dynamics
✦ Possible of Smart Money Position Building

What You'll Learn:

✦ Why I Use the Adaptive Scalping Style
✦ My Optimal Timeframes for Scalping
✦ My Top Order Flow Confirmations
✦ When I Immediately Exit Open Positions

What's Inside: Table of Contents

Sneak Peek: Sample Pages

sample pages of Delta Trading Mastery

Real Talk: Trader Reviews

  • This guide is quite informative! The delta strategies are practical, and the ATAS templates streamline the process. Naturally, for 300 euros, I didn't expect a magic money-making solution. It’s unrealistic to believe a course for just 300 euros would be the holy grail of trading, but I gained valuable techniques. Kudos to the author for his honesty about this. The explanations on liquidity absorption and smart money positions were very enlightening. The combination of the digital guide and the Delta Flow indicator for the ATAS platform are beneficial.

    Michael Johnson

  • The Delta Trading Mastery guide gave me some unique insights into trading strategies. The entry tactics are straightforward and easy to follow. Although I encountered some difficulties installing the indicator for the first time, Alex was very helpful, which I appreciated. By applying the delta entry strategy, I saw a significant improvement in my trade success rate. Overall, it's a great resource for intermediate traders aiming to refine their strategies

    John S.

  • ¡Excelente guía! Las estrategias de delta son muy útiles, y las plantillas de ATAS hacen que el proceso sea más sencillo. Después de seguir una de las estrategias, logré mejorar mis operaciones. Las explicaciones sobre la absorción de liquidez y las posiciones del smart money fueron muy esclarecedoras. La Táctica 2, en particular, me ayudó a identificar mejores puntos de entrada y salida en mis operaciones.

    Carlos Rodríguez

  • The content is detailed and provides valuable insights, though it can be a bit challenging for beginners. Truly unique material for its price. The guide emphasizes understanding liquidity absorption, which is quite beneficial. Following the low-risk entry strategy, I noticed more consistency. The tactics provided in the guide, especially Tactic 1 and Tactic 3, were particularly helpful. I appreciated that the indicator not only activates levels but also allows for fine-tuning. With in-depth study of the settings, the results can be even better than in the demonstration videos.


  • Die Erklärungen sind klar und verständlich. Für meine Handelsstrategie habe ich eine solide Grundlage bekommen. Ich hatte wenig Zeit zum Lernen, aber die Materialien sind gut strukturiert und konzentrieren sich auf das Wesentliche. Besonders nützlich waren die Videos, die verschiedene Einstiegspunkte analysieren. Besonders beeindruckt hat mich die Taktik 1, 2.

    Markus S

  • The Delta Trading Mastery guide provides a decent overview of trading strategies. The delta strategies are explained well, but I found some of the concepts a bit too advanced for my current level. The ATAS templates are helpful, although I needed some time to get used to them. The guide’s focus on liquidity absorption and smart money positions is interesting, but it requires a fair amount of prior knowledge to fully grasp. Overall, it's a solid resource, but be prepared to put in some effort to fully benefit from it.


*The reviews reflect the personal opinions of the authors and do not constitute professional financial advice. Individual results may vary.

Delta Scalping Mastery Cover

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What exactly is included?

Is there a trial version?

Due to the proprietary intellectual property involved in formulating these strategies after considerable testing, a trial version is not available. However, we'll be happy to address any pre-purchase queries to ensure transparency and facilitate an informed decision. Also, you are welcome to try free indicators.

Will my win rate be 99%? Will I receive at least 3-10-50 signals for profitable trades every day on each instrument?

It is obvious that such guarantees are impossible because markets constantly change, can be in different phases, and there are other nuances. For example, market volatility can vary significantly, economic events can cause unexpected shifts, and any indicators may not always perform consistently under all market conditions.
 If you are seeking guaranteed success, this product is not for you. 
( We also want to warn you against any sellers offering such guarantees.) 
Additionally, it's important to remember that past performance is not indicative of future results.

Refund Policy

Given the digital nature of the content and inclusion of proprietary indicators, all sales are final. We don't offer refunds.

Which instruments are these tactics suitable for?

The package includes templates for ES, CL, and NQ instruments. If you trade a different instrument, please contact us before purchasing so that we can check and send you an example of how the indicator works on your instrument.

Uniqueness of Tactics

The tactics haven't been discussed in any of our previous products.

The levels shown in the video look powerful! Will I definitely see them on my platform?

Before purchasing, you can contact us and request a record of the indicator levels for a recent period. We'll be happy to provide you with this information so that you can verify the indicator's effectiveness before making a decision to buy.

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