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Insights into Scalping: Practical Tactics from My Trading Experience

Exploring My Personal Techniques in Footprint Scalping

No Fluff: Straight-to-the-point content, focusing on actionable insights.
Expert Perspective: Delve into strategies shaped by in-depth market analysis and experience.
Practical Knowledge: Learn tactics grounded in real-world trading scenarios.
Adaptable Strategies: Suitable for various market conditions and trading styles.

Who This Product Isn't For

Seekers of Quick Fixes: If you're looking for a trading system promising a 100% win rate, instant wealth, or ready-made buy/sell signals without understanding the underlying strategies, this isn't for you. Trading requires continuous learning, effort, and adaptation.

Surface-Level Traders & Beginners: This product is for those ready to dive deep into the market's intricacies. While all levels of traders are welcome, a foundational understanding of the market is essential.

Guaranteed Profit Seekers: Trading always carries risk. If you're seeking guaranteed outcomes without any risk, this product might not be your best fit.

Tactics Showcase

- Explore the tactics through detailed video backtests.
- Each video, covering 14 days of trading, transparently displays potential entry points and strategies. Review the material to determine if these tactics align with your trading approach. 
- As traders, you must understand that trading outcomes can vary. While past performance isn't indicative of future results, these videos offer a transparent view of all trades, profitable or not, aiding your decision-making process

What's Inside: Table of Contents

Sneak Peek: Sample Pages

Choose Your Mastery Level

Two tailored offerings to guide you in footprint scalping. Review the details and select the one that fits your needs.


✓ Digital Copy of the eBook

✓ Exclusive Video Analysis: 3-weeks of My Entry Points for Each Tactic

✓ Visualize Guide Tactics with a 3-Day Indicator Trial Access

✓ Free eBook Updates


✓ Everything from the "Essential Mastery" package

✓ Proprietary Indicator for Automatic Signal Detection (for ATAS platform) - Lifetime version

✓ Real-time Alerts: Get tactic signals on your charts in real-time, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.
* Please ensure you've read the FAQ section for detailed information before making a purchase.


What's Inside?

By purchasing, you'll gain access to tactics that I employ in my daily trading. These aren't just buy or sell signals but tools to enhance your market understanding.

Tactic Defined

By purchasing, you'll gain access to tactics that I employ in my daily trading. These aren't just buy or sell signals but tools to enhance your market understanding.

Which instruments are these tactics suitable for?

I've primarily tailored and tested these tactics on the ES (E-mini S&P 500 Futures) and have found consistent results there. While the underlying principles might be applicable to other instruments, I encourage traders to approach with an exploratory mindset. 
It's possible that with some adjustments, these tactics could offer interesting insights on other instruments as well. However, as with any trading strategy, it's essential to test and adapt based on your specific instrument and market conditions.

Are these tactics only for scalping?

While the primary focus is on scalping, the underlying principles can be adapted and applied to other trading styles with modifications.

Platform Compatibility

You can see all patterns using any platform with a footprint. I personally use ATAS (➜ free download), because is a platform with unique timeframes and features for trading with orderflow and footprint.

Beginner Friendly?

This product is tailored for traders with a foundational understanding of the market. If you're a novice, it's advised to first get acquainted with trading basics

About "Institutional Moves"

The term is used in the title to emphasize patterns in price movements that, in my observation, frequently react to specific levels in a manner suggestive of institutional activities. It's based on my personal interpretation and consistent observations in the market.

What is the win rate?

The win rate can vary based on factors like market conditions and trader's discipline. I've included a videos showcasing signals from tactics over a 14-day period for a clearer understanding.

Refund Policy

Given the digital nature of the content and inclusion of proprietary indicators, all sales are final. We don't offer refunds.

Uniqueness of Tactics

The tactics in "Footprint Scalping Mastery" are unique and haven't been discussed in any of my previous products or content.

I already have a license for the Cluster Constructor. Can I add patterns from this guide and indicator to it?

Yes, it's possible to make such modifications. To proceed, please send a request on this page. 

I previously only purchased the guide. Can I separately purchase the indicator with tactics?

Yes, it is possible. Please contact us by email at


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