More than 12 unusual order flow setups with examples
Entry points with examples
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Order Flow Trading Setups v2
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What you will find in the eBook

Order flow setups that I use in daily trading
Screenshots with entry points for each pattern

What you won't find in the eBook

Theoretical information

Order Flow Trading Setups: Uncovering the SECRETS


Is it a "ready-made trading system"?


I am a beginner trader, is the e-book right for me?

If you are a beginner trader, I do not recommend the eBook to you.

What instruments are used to show patterns?

ES and CL. When you understand the logic, you can use it for any other instruments.

What platform can these patterns be used on?

You will be able to see all patterns using any platform with a footprint. I used to use NinjaTrader but now I only use ATAS (➜ free download), because is a platform with unique timeframes and features for trading with orderflow and footprint.

What type of trading are patterns suitable for?

For daytrading and scalping.

Are additional indicators needed?

You will be able to see all patterns using any platform with a footprint, without any additional indicators. If you want alerts for the patterns and advanced settings, learn more about ➜ the Order Flow indicators

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