Biohacking for Traders:
the Ultimate Transformation
Plan (eBook)

Biohacking for traders (ebook)
Become more energetic (and learn how to prevent energy loss)
Unlock the potential of yout brain(and keep this effect for a long time)
Become more productive(in any intellectual activity)

What's inside

Simple recommendations (that you've heard about but don't follow.) for improving productivity;
My daily habits that really changed my life and results in trading;
My selection of the best dietary supplements and nootropics to improve brain function;
Learn how to maintain mental clarity, concentration and focus;
Only the essence (not "~300 pages of dull theory" and useless information);
€ 33
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Biohacking for Traders: Ultimate Transformation
Improve your trading skills, mental strength, and biohacking know-how with this comprehensive collection. 
Each book offers unique insights and strategies, making it a valuable addition to your trading toolkit.

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