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Expanding Triangle Pattern NQ (Entry Points)

What sets this video apart is the innovative 5/5 Reversal chart timeframe, which facilitates the construction of intricate pattern formations that may go unnoticed on standard timeframes. By observing the indicator at work on this unique canvas, traders gain a fresh perspective on pattern recognition and trade execution.

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As the footage unfolds, viewers witness the indicator's prowess in spotting high-probability setups based on the Expanding Triangle's distinctive structure. John not only shares his insights on this specific pattern but also delves into the indicator's ability to identify other lucrative formations like triangles and flags.

Trading the NQ with the Geometry Patterns Indicator

In this compelling video, seasoned trader John Doe provides an in-depth look at trading the Expanding Triangle pattern on the highly liquid NQ futures contract (Nasdaq 100). Leveraging the cutting-edge Geometry Patterns indicator on the unique 5/5 Reversal chart, John meticulously dissects a full trading day, highlighting precise entry signals generated by this powerful pattern.

Whether you're an experienced futures trader or exploring new avenues, this video offers a rare opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional. John's meticulous analysis, combined with the advanced Geometry Orderflow Patterns indicator, promises to elevate your pattern-based trading strategies to new heights.

Don't miss this chance to test-drive the Geometry Patterns indicator with a free trial available at the provided link. The preset configuration used in the video is included, allowing you to follow along and potentially uncover lucrative opportunities across various markets, including the NQ and beyond.

Expanding Triangle Pattern NQ (Entry Points)


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