Crypto Tactic Levels indicator for the ATAS platform 

Analytical tool for Crypto

Crypto Tactic Levels Toolkit: Quick Review
Recognizes 3 different levels
3 ready-made presets to get you started and understand the logic (For adausdt, xrpusdt and dotusdt)
Installation Instructions
Sound alerts

What is unique about the ultimate crypto toolkit?

Analyzes market data to highlight levels that may be associated with algorithmic trading and institutional activity.

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3 levels mode

Level 1 mode

Level 2 mode

Level 3 mode

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Crypto Tactic Levels
Cluster Levels + Gap Levels
Geometry OrderFlow Patterns
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What traders said

Trading isn't my primary activity as of now. I can only dedicate a couple of hours to it each day. Consequently, I don't have the time to delve into complex strategies and indicators. 

The trading style of JSI really appeals to me. I can see the results of my trades almost immediately, especially when dealing with volatile instruments like the NQ. 

It's sufficiently fulfilling for me to make 1-2 trades in the evening after work, allowing me to spend the rest of the time with my family. 

Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for


It's one of the most honest creators I've come across. 

He doesn't merely try to sell his indicators or promise millions in profits, but shares his unique developments which help to facilitate stable and profitable trading day after day.

Michael Simmons. 

Möchte hier meinen Erfahrungsbericht mit den Indikator von Just Scalp it teilen.
 Habe eine Testversion gekauft für ein paar Tage ,dann hatte ich einen groben über blick des Indikators bekommen.

Man kann mit verschiedenen Zeiteinheiten und verschiedene Ranges/Reverse Charts Unterstützung und Widerstände sich anzeigen lassen. In der Chartechnik sind Unterstützungslinien / Unterstützungszonen wichtig weil er an dieser Marke wahrscheinlich abprallen kann.

Dadurch sind Handelsentscheidungen leichter zu treffen, weil auch Unterstützung kann zum Widerstand werden.

Nach einer Woche habe ich mich für eine Live Lizenz Entschieden zu kaufen und bereue diese Entscheidung nicht. Nach den Kauf zeigte mir Alex noch mehrere Möglichkeiten es zu nutzen, updates hat es schon gegeben und hoffe das der Indikator weiter entwickelt wird.
LIebe Grüße


*The reviews reflect the personal opinions of the authors and do not constitute professional financial advice. Individual results may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide ready-made templates for your indicators for successful trading?
Our indicators come with usage examples but no guaranteed settings for success, because indicators are analytical tools that expand the standard functionality of the ATAS platform, but they are not a ready-made trading strategy.
If you're on the hunt for a 'holy grail,' automatic 'trading signals,' or a pre-established trading strategy, then these indicators might not align with your expectations.
Will these indicators work for me?
Read the description of the indicators, watch many videos in the public domain to make a decision, and if you have any additional questions before purchasing, do not hesitate to contact us.
I am a beginner trader; are your indicators suitable for me?
If you are completely new to trading, it is recommended to first learn the basics. 
Can I try indicators before purchase?
Sure! Sure! We offer free Lite Versions of two indicators that you can try before making a purchase.
What type of trading are the indicators suitable for?
The indicators are suitable for day trading and scalping.
Do you offer discounts when ordering multiple indicators?
We offer subscription options for 1, 12 months and lifetime, with the discounts increasing for longer subscription periods. This way, you can choose a package that best suits your trading style and budget, while benefiting from substantial savings with longer-term subscriptions.
When will my license be activated after purchase?
Your license will be activated within 24 hours of purchase and linked to your ATAS login email.
Which cryptocurrency instruments does the indicator work with?
The package includes presets for quick setup and usage with ADA, DOT, and XRP. If you'd like to see how the indicator works on your specific instrument, reach out to us beforehand for more information.

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